DreamChanger Self Service Coin Machine

The DreamChanger  Self Service Coin Counting Machine has been designed with you, the consumer, in mind.  How much spare change do you have hiding in your home?  Whatever the amount, why not turn your coin into cash?

The DreamChanger is fast, easy and fun.  Just bring your loose change in bulk (piggy banks, coffee cans, etc.  to one of our DreamChanger locations).  Click the website tab above titled “Our Locations” for a fast zip code search.

Remember, there is no need to wrap the coin which saves you time and labor.  When you arrive at our DreamChanger location, you will find simple push button instructions and  The DreamChanger will quickly sort, count and print your receipt.  Present your receipt to the location hosting the machine for quick and easy cash back in your pocket.

The DreamChanger not only converts your spare change into cash but is fun and educational for young and old alike so be sure to bring your family.